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Light watercolours and treasures from
the loft

Hermann Rentsch and Jörn Michael exhibit their creations

[...] Idyllic bliss cannot be detected in Jörn Michael’s pieces. His landscape is threateningly red, crippled trees wait hopelessly for spring. The clown covers his face with his hands, even his laughter has seized. The freelance artist from Buchholz, Germany, born in 1975, scratches on the surface and leaves the tracks before arriving. He experiments with colour, shape and material and surprises with the results every time again. The pictures are abstractly expressive and constructive, loud and quiet, explosive and minimalistic. And he always has an eye for patterns. He brings them out of layers of paint, finds them on metal sheets: Jörn Michael has framed some of his most beautiful treasures and has put them up in the staircase of the “Erzhammer” (Annaberg). Also rusty nails are far too valuable for him to just throw them away. He adds them to the faces of clowns: One laughs, the other weeps. It all depends on how the nail is bent.

Jeannine Helbig
Freie Presse 25/02/2004