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Expectation, Storm and Fly-past

Variety in content and form: 100 Saxon graphics from 2006 can be viewed in the Neue Sächsische Galerie (New Saxon Gallery) in Chemnitz, Germany

Chemnitz, Germany. Every time when the jury’s decision is trickling through, a general murmur goes through the rows of artists. Who has made it into the selection of 100 Saxon graphics, and who hasn’t? […] Jörn Michael from Annaberg, for example, stands out with his three-piece colour etching “To Dimension Logic”. On one hand it is the technical fine lines, which may well be influenced by Carlfriedrich Claus. He definitely follows the master in the meditative philosophical dimensioning of graphic print. But Michael also leaves his own traces. […]

Reinhold Lindner
Freie Presse 28/06/2006